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The Museum currently has eleven video tapes for sale.  Seven are available in VHS format as well as PAL format (used in Europe and other foreign countries, will not play in North American VCRs).  All prices are specified in Canadian funds.  When ordering videos, please note that all cheques or money orders must include $10.00 for postage and handling or we will send the tape with postage C.O.D.  Cheques can be made payable to the Museum Ladies Auxiliary.  Please contact the Museum if more information is needed.  The videos are: 

preserving_the_past.jpg (6347 bytes)

Preserving the Past (120 minutes)

This is the first video that presents a complete documentary of the Manitoba Agricultural Museum located at Austin, Manitoba.  Virtually every main event, activity, and display was covered during the four days of the annual Threshermen's Reunion & Stampede held at the Museum.  This includes a tour of the Pioneer Village, Amateur Radio Museum, Heritage Building, miniature gas and steam engines, threshing, as well as the Dual- sanctioned Rodeo

VHS: $35.00

austin_on_parade.jpg (6159 bytes)

Austin on Parade (60 minutes)

The daily vintage parade held during the annual Threshermen's Reunion & Stampede at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum near Austin, Manitoba is considered by many to be the largest parade of its kind anywhere in North America.  A full commentary describes every tractor and implement as it appears on the screen.

VHS: $30.00

john_deere.jpg (5610 bytes)

John Deere - Restored With Pride (120 minutes)

One of the biggest collections of vintage John Deere farm equipment was assembled at a recent Threshermen's Reunion & Stampede at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum.   Highlights of the video include the mammoth John Deere Exposition Parade, John Deere toys and miniature models, horse-drawn plows, as well as operating John Deere threshing machines.

VHS: $35.00

stationary_but_still_running.jpg (7108 bytes)

Stationary...But Still Running (120 minutes)

This video takes a close look at stationary engines such as the Maytag gas engines, the "Manitoba Upright", MacLeods, Case, International-Harvester, and the John Deere.

VHS: $35.00

prairie_giants.jpg (7803 bytes)

Prairie Giants: A Nostalgic Look At The Steam Traction Engine (105 minutes)

In this video, the focus is on several of the steam traction engines, both large and small.  An actual threshing gang working with a steam engine on a Manitoba farm is featured.

VHS: $35.00


The Allis/Rumely Story (127 minutes)

Rumely, Garr Scott, New Giant, Allis Chalmers, Gleaner and other agricultural equipment from this family are highlighted.  The giant vintage parade featuring the Rumely and Allis Chalmers exposition is also shown.

VHS: $35.00

long_white_line.jpg (5415 bytes)

The Long White Line (160 minutes)

AGCO Allis has a long and rich history.  Beginning with Hart Parr, almost a dozen farm machinery companies have changed hands throughout the years.  This video includes interviews with restoration enthusiasts as well as detailed descriptions of the equipment.

VHS: $35.00

miniature_land.jpg (7024 bytes)

Miniature Land (123 minutes)

Featuring miniature traction engines, stationary engines, threshing machines, steam boat and crane, portable steam engines, and freelance engines.

VHS: $35.00

vintage_vehicles.jpg (7011 bytes)

Vintage Vehicles (115 minutes)

Seven years in the making featuring Ford Expo 1991, GM Expo 1993 and Chrysler Expo 1997.  Also included are vintage parades, dozens of interviews and nostalgic music.

VHS: $35.00

keeping_the_memories_alive.jpg (8609 bytes)

Keeping the Memories Alive, Steam Threshing and Steam Plowing (90 minutes)

Learn how our ancestors farmed the prairies.  See authentic action of the binder stooking, horse-drawn racks.  Steam powered threshing machine and field scale steam plowing.

VHS: $35.00

red_power_international.jpg (8797 bytes)

Red Power International (160 minutes)

This video is a documentary of the International Harvester Farm Equipment Expo held during the Manitoba Threshermen's Reunion & Stampede.  See hundreds of fully restored and operating unique farm tractors, threshing machines, stationary engines and trucks, etc. of the International make.

VHS: $35.00

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