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Threshermen's Reunion 2011 57th Anniversary

Reunion Poster and Brochure


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The Threshermen's Reunion offers something for everyone. All museum exhibit buildings are open, including 20 in the Homesteaders Village.

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A free grandstand show each afternoon features a variety of events.  A parade of vintage farm equipment takes starts the early afternoon.

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More Parade Pictures
Vintage farm contests, such as a stooking and sheaf tying demonstrations, and a threshing competitions also take place.
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Many other activities are also taking place.  The racetrack infield is always busy with demonstrations and Expo displays.
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Pictures from a previous expo.
Case Expo Pictures
The rest of the grounds is buzzing with activity.  There are miniature displays, children's attractions, and you never know who you may end up talking to , or see driving by.  There are threshing displays, and a  rodeo.  The evenings end with free dance on an open air dance floor.
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More Case Steam Pictures
More Case Gas Pictures
More Expo Pictures

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