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The Manitoba Agricultural Museum offers a wide variety of pioneer history which is available to the public during our summer season. 
village_street.jpg (21342 bytes) The Manitoba Agricultural Museum has over 30 buildings that range from old log cabins to grist mills and mansions. Most of the buildings can be toured inside and all are in beautiful condition. Get a web's eye view of the buildings at the museum along with some information about them in this area.

[ Arizona Church | Ayr School | Blacksmith | Centreville School | Centennial Building ]
[ Carrother's House | General Store | Grain Elevator | Grist Mill | Livery Feed and Sale ]
[ MacKinnon Law Office / Barber Shop | Mekiwin Manor | Muir Log House ]
[ Muirhead House | Print Shop | Shoe and Harness Repair | Souris Mill ]
[ Train Station | St. Saviors Church | Water Tower | Westbourne Post Office ]
[ Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum | Museum Ladies Activities Building

See Pioneer agriculture in action.  Over 500 farm implements on display.
Fort Ellice Edmonton Trail In 1973, a cairned was erected by the Manitoba Agricultural Museum Ladies Auxiliary in memory of those who traveled the Fort Ellice Edmonton Trail.  These explorers, fur traders, and in later years homesteaders encountered many hardships and misfortunes in their search for opportunity in the new land.  They left a history of pioneering which is highly revered by the people of the Prairies.  The original Fort Ellice Edmonton Trail route borders Museum property.
Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum The Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum is located on the grounds of the Manitoba Agricultural Museum. It happens to be Canada's only amateur radio museum! It is dedicated to collecting, preserving, researching, and exhibiting articles of amateur radio and communication interests.
versatile.jpg (17530 bytes) Big Roy. This tractor is truly one of a kind.  

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