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Water Tower - 1900

Water Tower

Station and Water Tower

When the main line CPR railroad was put through Manitoba, the railroad had to construct water towers along the lines. These towers held about 40,000 gallons (about 180,000 litres) of water and would enable the locomotives to fill quickly and frequently. In most cases, water had to be pumped into the tower from a lake or creek. The MacGregor tower was gravity filled from Jacksons Lake, seven miles south of Sidney, some 15 miles from MacGregor.

The tower is 54 feet high and consists of two separate structures. The 40,000 gallon inner tub is made of 3" thick cedar and is supported by 16' square timbers, 22' high in the air. The height provides the gravity pressure needed to fill the locomotives.

The outer shell, which is not attached to the tub, simply serves as an insulated cover for the water. By having a stove at the bottom of the building during the winter months, the outside shell would prevent the water from freezing.

This is the only water tower known to have been moved. It was moved to the museum in February 1987 and will be used as a water reserve during the summer operation.

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