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General Store

General Store

The general store that stands here today is a replica of a typical general store at the turn of the century. It includes many of the articles which would have actually have been found in a general store. It would have been the only store in town and the name implies the mixture of goods represented here.

Meeting food needs were shipped by rail. The foods are dried, smoked, salted, shipped in barrels or crates. No fresh fruits as they were usually grown at home. The foods were in cans, not in boxes like today.

There is less variety of clothing than present. Mostly working clothes, fancier clothes being ordered from the catalogue. Sewing was popular, hence the store sold materials and sewing notions.

The early telephone system worked through a central switchboard often located in the general store, or post office because a person was usually working there. Hence the store clerk or postmaster would also have the duties of switchboard operator.

The barter system was used quite frequently here. In exchange for services, the pioneer would often exchange goods instead of money, especially in the days when money was scarce and goods were more plentiful.

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