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Carrothers’ House

Carrothers' House

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carrothers were married in 1909, and rented the Pickering farm. In the fall of 1913, they moved to the 1/4 sections north of the museum which was Mrs. Ephraim Carrothers original homestead. They stayed there for three years living in a little house which later became the kitchen part of the Carrothers’ house. During that time, they rented the north quarter of the present museum grounds, as well as helping to work the home quarter. The north quarter was originally homesteaded by Mr. G. Pell. The quarter section where the house now stands was originally CPR land, later acquired by Mr. H. Tingly. Mr. and Mrs. Carrothers bought both of these quarters which now make up the museum ground from the late Hon. Walter Clifford in 1916.

For several years during the 1800s, the Tingly family lived in a house with a sod roof. In 1903 or 1904, Mr. Tingly built the house which now stands. Mr. and Mrs. Carrothers lived in this house as it was built in 1922. At that time there were already four children and they moved the little house from the parent’s farm up for a kitchen. When the basement was being dug they found utensils that had been used in the sod house.

The Pioneer Village and all of the museum buildings are situated on a sandy piece of land covered with bush and trees; all of which is virgin soil.

Eleven children were raised in this house and many happy days were spent playing on the land which is now the Pioneer Village.

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